Your Next

Best Step

Chart your course in the

ever-changing marketplace!

Join fellow high achievers in Barbara's latest group coaching experience.

You’ve done well in your career and life and you aren’t done yet. But you’ve reached a crossroad. What worked in the past isn’t working any more and you want your next move to launch the bigger game. 

Your Next Best Step

You find yourself in a different environment and the rules have changed. How do you navigate and put your best foot forward every time?  Does it require a whole new skill set? How do you apply what you already have? What do you need to take it to the next level?

Those are the crucial questions. Opportunity gets left on the table when you use the same tactics in a different environment.  Your next big break never appears or walks out the door because you don’t see it coming. How will you know what move to make?    


Now is the Time to Launch Your Leadership

To grab opportunity you must first be able to spot it and you can’t do that wandering around alone. This dynamic group of high achievers will bring out solutions you never thought of so you can:

  • Position yourself to uncover the hidden opportunities

  • Avoid the obstacles that lead to huge missteps

  • Get your network to introduce and recommend you

  • Arm yourself with the firepower to clearly ask for what you want

  • Apply skills, talents and experience in ways you’ve never imagined

"I liked that everyone had the opportunity to participate so that I can learn more from others."

-Precilia, Chief Operating Officer

This is opportunity right in front of you, with a bow! Your chance to grab control and take your next best step.

Will you? Or will, once again, opportunity find itself in someone else’s hands?

Yes! I want to Launch My Leadership!

Only 8 seats are available. Get yours now!

Group coaching program starts January 17, 2018!

"I liked the video sessions and the 'one on one' feeling although in a group setting!"

-Rebecca, Client Manager